Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please Pray with Me

for the husband/father who lost his wife and 2 children in a house fire late last night.

We've known this family all our lives. They are from Flora,Indiana, (where Jerald was from).

Brian & Leah Wagoner had a son, Harrison (almost 8) and a daughter, Sophia (4). Brian's dad was our dentist for many years and I worked with Leah's mother for several years.

Indiana had a very severe electrical storm last night which they believe struck the house and started a fire. Leah and both children died in the fire. Brian's hands were burned, but not too bad. They are strong Christians, but is Brian supposed to go on? I guess I'm showing how weak my faith really is, but why? I know in my head that God is sovereign and good, but my heart still can't understand why God wants it to be this way. I hurt so much for the grandparents/parents, Brian, their friends...

And so, even though you don't know this family, would you still remember to pray for them? please?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Every year my kids get me something for Mother's Day even though I insist that they shouldn't. This year it was a beautiful diamond bracelet which I love, but I really mean it when I say it is enough to have 5 beautiful children who love Jesus and have submitted their hearts to His leadership. For a mother to know that her children are walking with the Lord is gift enough.

We had a fun and busy weekend with my family. As a Christmas gift, my mom pays for the whole family (I think there were 40+ this year) to go to a state park in Indiana for the weekend. The last two years we have went to Pokagon and stayed in the inn. It's a fun time for the kids to be together and the adults to catch up.

On Sunday, we helped some friends set up for their daughter's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, full of God's goodness and love. The couple had saved their first kiss for this special day. I love weddings that glorify Christ; they always make me want to go home and pay more attention to the vows I made on my wedding day.

A Happy belated Mother's Day wish to all you moms!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


There are thoughts running around in my head that are driving me crazy, but I can't seem to be able to sit down, corral them together and write something that would make sense. It's making me a bit frustrated, but I'm thinking that maybe God knows my heart does not have the right attitude about one aspect of my thoughts. And so, I will wait and pray and renew my mind. God may give me permission and then again, He may not.