Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Life

After many months of a "normal" schedule, we've had to rewrite what normal is. The new normal consists of Jerald traveling...a LOT. The LORD has taught me many things about flexibility through experience. I used to get very anxious when my well-thought-out schedule had to be rearranged. It hardly fazes me any more. :)

A month ago Jerald was in Mexico for a few days. That was a little unnerving with the restlessness of the drug cartel. He was quite glad to arrive safely at home. The week after that he was in Las Vegas for 4 days. He's been there several times before and still can't find the fascination that others have for that city. Get this- he had a lady walk up to him as he was going to meet some other guys and ask him if he was alone. The nerve! I asked him if he told her, "No, I carry my wife in my heart everywhere I go." The next week he was in Pennsylvania for a couple days and then he was actually home for a week. Today he is going to Chicago until tomorrow night and next week is California.

For those who always asks just what exactly Jerald does, here's a brief description: He is an electrical engineer for a company (Trimble) in Huber Heights that designs and manufactures GPS and lasers for excavators, pavers, and agricultural use. Jerald is the System Technical Manager for a joint venture with Caterpillar & Trimble. His job is to make sure that the components and the machines are connected properly along with being responsible for making sure that all aspects (like user interface, operation, etc.) are consistent. If you want any more details, you will have to talk to him. :) Needless to say, I think he is one of the smartest people I know!

I was recently asked how I handle him being gone so much. I must say it is definitely easier with the children being older, but I give all the credit to God. I believe that when I support and encourage my husband in the talents God has given him, God will pour out His grace on our family and help us in an extra way when Jerald is gone. My husband loves, loves, loves his job and I am so very grateful for that. I want to be his help mate in this area by blessing him in his work.

On to other family news...the week Jerald was home we took a quick trip to Florida with Nicole to visit Warner University in Lake Wales. We left on Wednesday and got home on Sunday. We did get to spend a few hours on the beach.

The college was a bust, but the trip was not. We enjoyed getting to spend time with just Nicole. She did say, though, that it would be very lonely to be an only child.

We are getting excited to see the end of some of the school books. We hope to be wrapped up no later than the end of May. Sometimes I feel it would be so nice to continue through the summer in a couple subjects, but when it gets right down to it, I really enjoy my summer break. (And the kids do, too.)

Lately, I've been doing some sewing for a friend who doesn't sew...things like making a dress for serving in a wedding, making a bridesmaid dress from a size 22 to a size 14 and making 2 pairs of pants into skirts. I'm going to do a little on her bridesmaids dresses for her wedding coming up in May along with making corn salsa for the reception.

Brooke is home again after being in Indiana for 2 weeks. Boy, I miss her when she's gone. Especially when she does things like cook dinner while I sew. Last night she made chicken and vegetable potpie and bread. Wow!

Laina likes to get her school work done so she can get outside as quickly as possible on these nice days. She loves spending time with her cats.

That's a little peak into our lives.