Monday, January 28, 2008


Sometimes life is just hard! Whoever thought when we were having these cute little bundles of joy that 16-20 years later I wouldn't have a clue how to parent. Having "adult" children can be a real challenge. If we ask too many questions, we are "controlling and disrespectful"; if we don't ask questions we "don't care". What's a parent to do? The really tough thing is when they are making decisions we think are wrong according to Scripture. We can advise, but ultimately it's not in our hands. Our 18 yr old son is in a relationship with an unbeliever (hasn't confessed that Jesus is her Savior) and we see it pulling him down. His whole demeanor has changed over the last several months. We have been in many arguments lately about this, but the only thing left as a mom is to pray and love unconditionally. Do you know how hard that is? Not the praying part...the loving unconditionally. Oh yes, I love my son to pieces, but I find myself withholding affection or being terse with him. *sigh* Sometimes life is just hard!