Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trials...Overcome or Overcoming?

While currently studying James at church, we've been discussing trials/tests/temptations and what that all means to the believer. Every human being alive will at some time face trials. If we haven't yet, we will soon. We are always faced with the choice to give into sinful temptations (be overcome) of resentment and unforgiveness during our trial or to praise God (overcoming) for allowing Him to grow our faith. Here's the's not the circumstances or how others treat us that determines how our lives will turn out. It's how I RESPOND to it/them. Circumstances and people do not have the power to control me and make me the victim. Understanding that I allow myself to be a victim helps me to grasp that God's grace is sufficient for all my circumstances. That realization helps me to rise above and move beyond what is happening to me, to let go of those people who are hurting me and to let the power of the Spirit wash over my responses. By choosing grace, I choose freedom! "I do not have to be a victim or a prisoner of circumstances or people that have hurt me. By God's grace, I can walk in peace, wholeness and joy, even in the midst of the tribulations of this world."- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Friday, January 18, 2013


The year 2012 passed by in a blur. A whole year gone without one new blog. It's time to get back to it. So much happened in that year. In January, we moved out of our house of 15 years. Because it sold so fast, we moved into my mom's house in Tipp City while she was wintering in AZ. We lived there for 3 months before moving into a rental house in Pleasant Hill the end of March. We built a new house in Troy and moved into it the middle of August. We love living closer to town and having less outside maintenance. I did not want to enter the latter half of my life with being tied to material things. My goal is to be able to speak into other people's lives and have time for those who need me, (think granddaughters). Speaking of, we had another granddaughter (Baylie Logan) born in August. Sweetness. I love taking care of them 2 days a week while their mother is in school. It is satisfying to be in a place where I can be at home and available. Nicole graduated with her master's degree in social work in May and is living at home until she can find a job in that field. It's exciting to see growth and her passion for those who are victims and need someone to intercede for them. That's Nicole! Colin and Paige got married in November. What fun to have another daughter. She's the sweetest thing ever. Far too sweet for our outspoken, loud family. They are busy being in love and setting up their new home. Brooke...ahhh Brooke. So many years of praying, despair, praying, interceding, praying, begging, get the picture. She was running from God as fast as she could, but we can never outrun God. He finally got a hold of her at True Woman in September. She confessed, repented and submitted to Him as Lord of her heart and life. What a joy it has been to see her growing in holiness. You know, it's times like those that make you question what went wrong as a parent, but just like we can't take credit for their salvation, we can't take blame for their sinful choices. And prayer? It works! She was excited to share her faith publicly by baptism on January 6, 2012. Laina has grown into a young lady overnight. She got rid of her braces and started wearing contacts, all of which dramatically changes her looks. She does her school faithfully and works part time at Culvers. My prayer for the coming year? That my time spent with God would be because I delight in Him and not to get a task crossed off my daily list. That my responses to the inevitable life situations would bring glory to God. That I would be quicker to seek forgiveness and to grant forgiveness. Thankfully...