Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Give Them Wings

As a mother of adult/semi-adult children, I have already released some of my kids and have more on the verge of flying. When I realize these aren't my children (God has only loaned them to me for a time), it makes it easier to let them go. It is especially encouraging to see them making wise and good choices, to see them bearing fruit. It is also just as devastating to watch when those choices are sinful; I want to protect them from the consequences that are sure to follow.

So, how do I give them wings?

It is a fact; children will face hardships and trials. How can I, as a Mom, help them to face life with strength?

They watch how I deal with difficult circumstances. When I face situations with despair and much hand-wringing, I am teaching them to do the same. Kids are very "in tune" with my reactions. Digging into God's Word on a daily basis, praying and seeking God's wisdom will help me to glorify God even in the hard times and leave a lasting impression on my children.

It is not helping my children to sugar-coat life for them. If there is a situation happening, they can sense something is going on. I need to share with them information that is appropriate to their age and discuss tough times with them. Showing them in a practical way how Godly people deal with life's circumstances will prepare them for the future.

My kids need to learn problem-solving skills. It is my instinct to want to protect them from troubles or to stay in control by making decisions for them, but it is in their best interest to let them go through stress and to learn how to make wise choices. I am not equipping them for the future when I jump in and solve their issues. One very practical aspect of this is when they are having squabbles between themselves. They need to learn how to apply Matthew 18 and to know how Christians solve their issues. My job is to be there reassuring them of my love and support.

When I show my kids how to love and care for other people, it will probably make their problems look less dramatic. There is always someone who is going through more than we are. Those are opportunities to show them that often-times God is seen most clearly in the valleys of life. Learning to cope with adversity in a God-honoring way, will help them grow into mature and capable adults.

I have prayed more in the last several years than all my preceding years put together. Because the truth is, God loves these children more than I can imagine. It is His will that they serve and glorify Him. And so, I turn them over to Him through prayer over and over again.

With the power of the Holy Spirit, I give them wings...